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strada campestre

27 set 2021

Popopieshop - family outfits

Raise your hand if you too, as a child, didn't want to dress like your mom.
Well, today it is possible. Or rather, it is possible to dress coordinated with your daughters,
thanks to Popopieshop
I find it a really brilliant and very witty thing in addition to the fact that you do not necessarily 
dress to dress your own days.
I really like the idea. Alas, I have no children so this is impossible for me. 
But I found this site Popopieshop
I fell in love with the images and I decided to tell you about it.

Mommy and me outfits. When I see certain images my heart melts. 
I find the matching mother and daughter outfits delightful.
And to think that as a child I liked so much to dress like my mother. I was born in the wrong era, 
I should have been born now to be exactly in fashion.

Men's and women tactical clothing

Wandering on the web I came across a site that selles mens tactical clothing and mens tactical jacket

I was actually looking for some military or camouflage style items for my boyfriend.

It had been for weeks that I had filled my head about wanting some clothes a little different from the usual elegant style.

And I found this site Wayrates which sells a bit of everything: from playfuls in the warmest colors, to shirts, trousers, even gloves for those who go hunting.

Here are some examples:


26 set 2021

Pelle tonica e compatta con World of Beauty

 Ben trovate.

Oggi torno a parlarvi di World of Beauty. 


Sheaths for all needs by Sculptshe

Let's face it ... How many of us suffer from the idea of ​​not being able to wear a 
sexy dress, without seeing those hateful cellulite blemishes?
I have solved. And do you know how ?! 
Using containment sheaths that literally turned my life around. 
Now, yes, I can wear what I want without creating more problems.

Sleeves have been invented for all kinds of needs. 
There are those containing, those that can also be used over the pants 
even those for the arms. 
Because let's not forget that arms are also important. I don't know about you, 
but more than the abdomen, and the legs, the arms are a real gripe of mine. 
 I, personally, have a hard time wearing clothes that show my arms. 
I like being covered. But let's see specifically those of this brand.
Today I'm talking about a brand Sculptshe that deals with a super important
 garment for us curvy women.
I'm talking about containment sheaths

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