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27 set 2021

Popopieshop - family outfits

Raise your hand if you too, as a child, didn't want to dress like your mom.
Well, today it is possible. Or rather, it is possible to dress coordinated with your daughters,
thanks to Popopieshop
I find it a really brilliant and very witty thing in addition to the fact that you do not necessarily 
dress to dress your own days.
I really like the idea. Alas, I have no children so this is impossible for me. 
But I found this site Popopieshop
I fell in love with the images and I decided to tell you about it.

Mommy and me outfits. When I see certain images my heart melts. 
I find the matching mother and daughter outfits delightful.
And to think that as a child I liked so much to dress like my mother. I was born in the wrong era, 
I should have been born now to be exactly in fashion.

Frankly, these photos made me want to have a baby right away, but nature is nature and we have to wait for its time.

But the fact remains that I can think of some special friend who is expecting her first child.

It can be said that in a while we are already at Christmas.

And I dug up a couple of cute dresses for a couple of my friends who have two lovely little girls. They are two tomboys, but who knows, maybe we can convert them to the delightful little girls they are.

If you notice by scrolling the site there are many offers even on several items.

And what about those delicious family matching outfits?

Every time I open instagram, especially during the Christmas period, I always see photos of mothers, fathers and their beautiful babies, all three or four dressed alike. I really like the photos where among the things that indassano there is always a deer. I don't know why but that animal there always makes me think of Christmas.

Or when I see the parents dressed as mum and santa and their little one as an elf.

I adore!

They are too cute pictures. Too delicious.

For you I have chosen a few, but I bet you will go crazy too, looking for them one by one on the site.

I was then noticing that there are a lot of discounts. I think you can take advantage of it, because Christmas is really around the corner.

Shipping is free above $ 69 and there is currently a 10% discount

I would say more than excellent.

However, the more time I spend on this site, the more I want to buy something even if I don't have children ^^

A kiss


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